Broomfield 450 Series

Medium Capacity Coil Winding Machine

The Broomfield 450 Series is a cost effective manual coil winder that provides for winding up to an 80” (2032mm) diameter coil, suited for transformers with many taps or for motor rewinding.


Motor Equipment: 3HP (2.24 kW) AC Vector motor and drive with foot controlled variable speed

Faceplate: 14" (356mm) diameter

Reduction: Gear reducer

Spindle Speeds & Corresponding Torques
0-43 rpm 365 ft. - lbs.* (495 Nm)
0-58 rpm 270 ft. - lbs.* (366Nm)
0-70 rpm 225 ft. - lbs.** (305 Nm)
0-87 rpm 180 ft. - lbs.* (244 Nm)
0-116 rpm 135 ft. - lbs.* (183 Nm)
0-175 rpm 90 ft. - lbs.* (122 Nm)
0-233 rpm 67 ft .- lbs.* (91 Nm)

* Assumes 100% efficient gear train
** Only (1) may be chosen

Power Requirement: 220 volt, three phase, 30 amps
Other voltages available

Spindle Rotation: Either direction can be selected by a switch on the control panel

Spindle Center Height: 41" (1041mm) from the floor

Brake: Electromagnetic spring-set disc brake operated by removing foot from variable speed control, by total turns counter, or by emergency stop button

Tailstock: Mounted on precision ways to allow positioning anywhere along winding axis. 4” (102mm) quill travel and 60° live center in number 4 Morse taper

Maximum Distance Between Centers:
450B: 48" (1218mm)

Maximum Swing Diameter:
450A: 80" (2032mm)
450B: 63" (1600mm)

Machine Control: Electronic turns counter with digital display provides programming of a slow down and stop turns count valve

450A: 875 lbs. (397 Kg)
450B: 1,700 lbs. (772 Kg)


For additional information on coil winding equipment or other Broomfield machines, please contact us directly at (978) 779-6600 or through our online contact form.