WF-50 Wire Flattener


The Broomfield WF-50 wire flattener can be used in-line with a coil winding machine to flatten round copper or aluminum wire. Because the unit is totally self-contained, it can be installed with any existing winding machine. A dancer control coordinates the wire flattening speed to the wire winding speed and provides consistent wire tension. This stand-alone system requires no connections to the winder or wire dereeler.

Since round wire is typically less expensive than shaped conductor, significant savings may be realized if designs requiring square or rectangular wire are wound with round wire but processed through the Broomfield Wire Flattener during winding.

It is generally held that most small to medium diameter film coated magnet wire can be flattened to approximately 60% of its original thickness without harming the insulation. The Broomfield WF-50 wire flattener can produce flattened conductor within its flattening range and is motor driven to have sufficient power and speed to keep up with high winding speeds.


Wire Range Handled: 26 AWG (0.017" [0.431 mm]) to 10 AWG (0.1039" [2.64 mm])

Flattening Range: 0.010" (0.25 mm) to 0.145" (3.68 mm)

Wire Processing Speed: Variable up to 2,000 ft/min. (10.1 m/sec.)

Drive System: 15 hp (11.19 kW) AC Motor

Input Requirements:
460 volts, three phase, 30 amps
Other voltages available
Air: 80psi (5.5 Bars)

Weight: 950 lbs. (430.91 kg)


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