TM-100 Trickle Impregnating Machine


The Broomfield TM-100 trickle impregnating machine is designed to apply resins or coatings to small motor armatures and other products.

The operator is responsible for simply loading and unloading parts. The machine is automatically controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) that provides for multiple program storage.

The machine status and set up information is displayed on a terminal. Program development and changes can be easily made in response to menu-driven prompting.


The Broomfield TM-100 trickle impregnation machine features a rotary table with collets to hold 120 armatures. These collets are machine tool grade to ensure that the armatures are held firmly for accurate positioning. In its standard configuration, the machine provides three trickle stations, each with dual applicator tubes positional along the armature axis.

During a typical machine cycle, a clear lexan safety door automatically opens when the machine is ready to be unloaded/loaded. The loaded armature then goes into the Preheat Oven which raises the temperature of the part for proper resin application. This temperature may be displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

After preheating, the temperature of the armature is automatically measured. If the part is not at the correct temperature, no coating is applied. The machine remembers the location of an empty or bad part and turns on a reject part light when that part is ready to be unloaded. After the part is trickled, the resin degases and cures as it indexes toward the unload position where the safety door and collet open for removal.

Armatures are rotated during the preheat, trickle, degas and cure operations to ensure an even distribution of the resin or coating.

Power Requirements: Electrical:
460 volts, three phase, 50 amps.
Other voltages available.
Air: 80 PSI (5.5 Bars).

Overall Size:
Width: 136" (3454.4 mm)
Depth: 52" (1320.8 mm)
Height: 122" (3098.8 mm)

Weight: 9,500 lbs (4,309.13 kg).


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