Rectangular Winding Mandrels & Tooling *


Broomfield offers rectangular expandable winding mandrel configurations that will collapse for easy coil removal, in addition to numerous types of product holding tooling for many different applications.

Mandrel designs include quick removal from the machine, self-supporting and swing-out styles with headstock / tailstock safety interlocks. Grooved edge collapsible tooling for higher quality precision layering and increased production of magnet wire coils.

In addition to our hundreds of Broomfield mandrel and tooling products, we can custom design and manufacture to your application needs.

For nearly 25 years, Broomfield winding mandrels and tooling have offered industrial grade strength and high precision to provide for the best quality, consistency and production of your wound products.

Cantilevered Holding Tool Cantilevered Holding Tool
(No Tailstock Support Necessary)





Bobbin Winding ToolingBobbin Winding Tooling
Bobbin Winding Tooling allows for winding multiple bobbins simultaneously and for wire to transition from one bobbin to the next through a slot in the spacer pieces.

Quick assembly/disassembly with speed nut. Very useful for winding generator exciter or other coils where you do not wish to cut the wire between bobbins.

*Note: Expandable Mandrels come with many expansion ranges for great flexibility. Medium duty design for smaller coils and heavy duty, high torque design for large coils. Our high quality industrial mandrels assure many years of production use. Custom configurations, mounting plates, leaf shapes, and various drive styles (single or both ends - manual or powered).

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