PDT-1020 Wire Tensioner

Built with a Pneumatic Dancer.

The Broomfield PDT-1020 wire tensioning system is provided for tensioning medium size round wire. By utilizing a pneumatic dancer, the wire tension remains consistent and the wind quality uniform. The tension head is mounted to a frame that provides for paying the wire off over the end of the supply roll or out of a barrel.

  • Pneumatic dancer with precision regulator to provide constant tension and take up the wire slack when winding square or rectangular shaped coils.
  • Circular felt clamp to keep minimal back tension upon the wire prior to the Capstan. Also wipes the wire and may be rotated as necessary for full use of its surface area.

Wire Range: 10AWG (0.1039" [2.64 mm]) to 20 AWG (0.032" [0.81 mm]) round wire

Wire Tension: Up to 70 lbs. (31.75 kg)

Wire Supply Spool Size: Up to 20" (508 mm) diameter and 32" (812.8 mm) high

Input Requirements: Air: 80 PSI (5.5 Bars)