DT-Rewind Wire Tensioner

Ability to rewind wire back onto the supply spool.

Broomfield offers a modified version of the DT-124 wire dereeling and tensioning stand which has the ability to rewind wire back onto the supply spool. The DT-124 rewind uses air operated caliper disc brakes for wire tensioning during winding but it is also equipped with a motor and clutch which can drive the spool backwards.

This feature saves time when it is necessary to tighten a slack wire that might occur at the start of a coil or when a tap is created during winding. It is also helpful in applications where wire must be pulled off a wound coil due to a mistake in the winding.

Spool Capacity: 24" (609.6 mm) diameter, 8" - 12" (203.2 mm - 304.8 mm) width, 450 lbs (204.11 kg).

Rewind Speed: 14.5 rpm

Rewind Torque: 180 ft-lbs (244 Nm) maximum

Power Requirements: 110 volt, single phase, 10 amp, 80 psi (5.5 Bars) air pressure

Control Method

The wire dereeling tension is controlled by an air regulator with a manual shut-off switch that is to be mounted near the operator. By adjusting the air pressure the operator may set the desired wire tension. The shut-off switch releases the tension so the wire can be pulled by hand.

The wire rewind function is controlled from the operator's location with a foot switch. When the pedal is depressed the tension brake shuts off, the rewind drive motor starts, the air clutch engages, and the spool turns in reverse.

The amount of rewind tension depends on clutch slippage. This can be adjusted by varying the air pressure to the clutch with the regulator mounted on the payoff itself. The motor continues to run as long as the foot pedal is depressed.

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