Armature Banding Machines

Premium quality armature banding machine models in several size ranges.

Broomfield armature banding machines are built to accommodate a variety of medium to large sized armatures.

These machines will apply fiberglass tape under high tension to the wire winding turns outside of the lamination stack to prevent "flare out" of these end turns due to centrifugal force at high speed rpms. Then the armatures may be heat baked and the tape becomes one solid shield on the wire.

A traversing carriage on the bed of the banding machine allows for full placement control and layering of the tape onto the windings.

  • High banding tension
  • Digital tension readout
  • Smooth traverse carriage movement for effortless layering
  • Pneumatic carriage lock for precise single position placement
  • Easily adjustable banding tension control
  • Optional programmed servo positioning and layering
  • Optional banding material heating and sensing
  • Optional programmed tension ramp up and ramp down
  • Simple, rugged design
  • Welded steel construction

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