S-50 Winding Controller

The standard control package on all Broomfield coil winding machines with automatic wire guide systems is the Broomfield S-50.

This device provides for "at the machine" programming of wire guide pitch, automatic spindle slowing/stopping and layering style (parallel or spiral). The winding area is defined by operator positioned manual end stops.

  • Pitch values range from 0.0000" to 3.0000" (0.00 mm to 76.20 mm)
  • Wind modes are parallel or spiral
  • Turn count ranges from 0.00 to 99999.99 and can display negative values.
  • Operator can specify the turn count for a slow and for a stop.
  • There can be as many as 50 slow and stop points per program.
  • Seven sets of coil winding data (programs) may be stored.
  • Left and right end stop contacts define the winding area by causing the traverse to reverse direction.
  • Traverse Left and Traverse Right Direction buttons and Traverse Direction arrows are provided.
  • Traverse Home Left and Home Right buttons send the wire guide arm to the corresponding end stop.
  • Traverse Jog Left and Jog Right buttons allow for incremental wire guide traverse motion, but also include progressive acceleration for quicker setup of a wide travers.
  • Traverse Jog may be used during winding to make minor wire guide traverse position changes.
  • The display has two lines of 40 characters each and a numeric keypad.
  • The Broomfield S-50 can continue running from the same place following a shut down or power loss. After powering back up, the control will display the same position within the coil that it displayed prior to the loss of power.

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